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ESCADA Cheetah Print Jacket Vintage 90’s Glam


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Step into the fierce fashion of the 1990s with our exclusive Cheetah Chic Escada Jacket. This iconic piece not only captures the essence of the era but also showcases the timeless allure of the cheetah print trend. Crafted by Escada, renowned for their luxurious designs, this jacket is a true vintage gem that effortlessly blends sophistication with a bold, untamed edge.

The striking cheetah pattern is meticulously woven into the fabric, creating a statement piece that exudes confidence and style. The tailored fit ensures a flattering silhouette, while the rich hues of the cheetah spots add a touch of glamour to any ensemble.

Body Part


Overall Length

31.375 in.

Shoulder Width

19.75 in.


19 in.


18 in.

Bottom Opening

21.5 in.

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Vintage 90's Glam - Cheetah Print Jacket by Escada Margaretha

ESCADA Cheetah Print Jacket Vintage 90’s Glam


1 in stock