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Hugo Boss Men’s Silk Blazer


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Hugo Boss Men’s Silk and Linen Blend Blazer, a sophisticated masterpiece that seamlessly combines luxurious materials with impeccable tailoring. Crafted from a blend of silk and linen, this blazer exudes a refined charm that effortlessly transitions from formal events to upscale casual occasions.

The silk and linen composition not only provides a lightweight and breathable feel but also adds a subtle sheen to the fabric, enhancing the overall allure of the blazer. The meticulous craftsmanship by Hugo Boss ensures a tailored fit that accentuates your silhouette, while the classic design exudes timeless elegance.

Body Part


Overall Length

33.25 in.

Shoulder Width

19.375 in.


25.625 in.


28.375 in.

Bottom Opening

32.875 in.

Availability: 1 In Stock
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Hugo Boss Men's Silk and Linen Blend Blazer

Hugo Boss Men’s Silk Blazer


1 in stock