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Gustav Wool Coat with Leather Buttons


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Gustav Heavy Wool Coat, a timeless piece that seamlessly blends warmth, style, and craftsmanship. This meticulously designed coat features a luxurious heavy wool construction and pleated detailing, ensuring unparalleled comfort in chilly weather.

Crafted by Gustav, a brand synonymous with quality and sophistication, this coat boasts a classic silhouette that transcends trends. The standout feature lies in its unique leather strip buttons, adding a touch of rustic charm and character to the coat’s overall design.

Body Part


Overall Length

40 in.

Shoulder Width 

18 in.


22 in.


24 in.


Availability: 1 In Stock
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Gustav Heavy Wool Coat with Stylish Leather Strip Buttons

Gustav Wool Coat with Leather Buttons


1 in stock