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  • We specialize in vintage clothing and accessories, including jackets, coats, blazers, dresses, and more.

  • Yes, our physical store is located at Niland House, Merchants Rd, Galway. We welcome you to visit and explore our collection in person.

  • We strive to source our vintage items from reputable suppliers and ensure they meet our quality standards. While we take great care to verify the authenticity of each piece, the unique nature of vintage clothing means that absolute certainty about every item’s origin can be challenging. We encourage customers to review the detailed descriptions and photos provided for each item. If you have any concerns or questions about a specific piece, please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Our inventory is updated regularly, so check back often for new arrivals.

  • Vintage clothing often requires special care. Follow the care instructions provided with each item, and consider gentle washing or dry cleaning.

  • Each item is carefully inspected and graded for condition. Detailed descriptions and photos are provided to ensure you know exactly what you’re purchasing.